mykasmei (mykasmei) wrote,

Good Vs Bad

Review of new things I've tried this week.

Today's good and bad list.

Good: Gingerbread Starbuck's Latte
Liqorish tree sticks (yes, actual bits of tree)
Madonna's new album - the tracks Hung up and I love New York Especially
Ladytron's new album "witching hour"
"Kickfit" classes - who play music by felix da housecat.
My new boots.
Seeing fair trade everywhere now.
Lude phone calls.
Red nails
Realising that amanda lapore is a transexual ( it doesn't seem so bad now)
Stealing internet from my neighbours.
Being addicted to buying presents.
Not getting drunk this week.
Polish sausages from morrisons 99p.
Seeing Leeds become more like London everyday.

Bad: Starbuck's eggnog late
Missing the director talk at leeds festival
Realising that part of the concepts to my music video, has already been done by some
boring old singer (who will remain unnamed)
Kate Bush's new record "ariel" - arggg, it's not stimulating enough
Tai chi - i suppose i need to read the philosophy to understand it
Buying expensive clothes - EVERYDAY for the past week.
Being ignored by jamie.
Being irritated by a friend, who is turning into a stalker.
Lush - I dunno, it just reminds me of a maternal motherly place - but with glitter on.
Seeing Leeds become more like Lndon everyday.
Having two jobs - but not actually been called up for either of them.
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