mykasmei (mykasmei) wrote,

Hours in London

It's been a floaty couple of days.
Yesterday was interesting. The day started out
pretty hectic - Saff realised that Nis had
took her mobile phone to France, which meant that her whole life,
and now my life was put on hold- which could have been cool, if we didn't need
to be in LOndon.
We needed to be in London because we're going to a premiere to see the Fantastic four.
Not before a quick shopping spree in Derby, minus a debit card which I lost a couple of weeks ago.
In London, it starts to rain just as we realise the amount of walking we need to do. In four inch heels :D.
We arrive at the premiere and we're allowed on the carpet. How surreal... everyone
is behind the barricades and they are shouting out "jessica Aba" who was walking behind us.
The thing that I want to forget about that paparazzi ordeal is that my shoes failed me and I kind of tripped up.
Other people who we saw coming in were kelly osbourne and Max + Saskia from
big brother.
The movie was pretty good.
We left via the back entrance - with paparrazi still waiting for the Hollywood shots.
It's kind of scary to be amongst celebrity, but not actually be a celebrity. It kind of sickens me,
but it's needed at the same time. It's good when it works.
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