mykasmei (mykasmei) wrote,

2 years later

Twoyears has passed since I wrote in this journal.  It's weird, I feel I have changed alot - yet reading these posts, it doesn't feel so long ago.

I'm so confused right now.  However, given that christmas has given me a break to appreciate the compfort of community, family, and contentment - I am anything but content.  In fact I feel almost scared to be content.  It really does scare me.  I'm in derby now, but I've signed onto 6 projects in london to begin soon - I also don't know if I'm doing my masters in the new year.  I've been researching overload, and feeling quite numb about everything.  It's weird.  I feel like I'm in no mans land, or trapped in a glass balloon, or something.  I don't know.  

Anyway, events wise it's my dads birthday tomorrow.  I think we're doing a small family celebration.  My sister is baking a cake, and I bought him various smelling products.  I'm also going to properly write my business plan, and buy a nice dress I think.  Also, I need to stock up on presents and buy a present for my brother.  It's going to be very busy, very schizophrenic time, but if I can get through this, it will make the next few years way fucking easier.  

I'm excited, but scared.

I feel very irritated, but very excited. 
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