mykasmei (mykasmei) wrote,

Halloween is thy time.

I find halloween so creative it becomes more exciting than any other festival. We're throwing a huge amazing party. I haven't updated this journal in a while because I've been floating between projects academically and artistically. My university course is quite logical at the moment - so I have resorted to some serious creative outlets. I am editing film that I took in the middle east - which will be burnt and distributed amongsts the hundreds of relatives over there. I am recording a music video for myself with the help of a guy called jamie who is lending me professional equiptment - I just need two actors to play the leading roles. I am street teaming for the electronic band which I adore, so I guess I'll need to sort out copyrighting issues with them. I'm organising a photographic project based upon the students of leeds - the 7 deadly sins verse, the 7 heavenly virtues. I am also doing life drawing because I find it very theraputic along with yoga. Although my yoga class has around 50 people in each time, while my art class has around 12, which is far more theraputic ambience. I've been doing extra/tv film work for the da vinci code, and I've been asked to be production manager for a short film production in leeds. I'm also bagged myself a job in a cafe, and a very local hotel this week. Which is exciting. Although I do earn alot of money from ebay which I buy and sell electrical goods. So, I've been quite busy recently and I'm trying to remain calm and focussed- otherwise this kaos could turn me into pretentiousness, depression, or unessessary hyper-activity. But I'm learning that if you can organise kaos into something structured, and beautiful - then life without all these events would be as equally forfilling. I guess my aim is then not to gain spirituality for myself, but to share my spirituality with other people. I truly believe that to create and to appreciate art in any form you need to feel safe and content and love, before exploring other emotions.
Well then plan for today is sleep, then tomorrow I'll try and remain fairly sober for the party. Back to leeds on sunday for a fast-breaking dinner party. And monday the education continues.
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