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i'm dedicating this entry to random notes...........

so i'm back in derby for a few days.

it's my sister's birthday, i bought her perfume - but not the new miss cherie by dior because it
turns out that's just something that I want, not what other people necessarily want.

i live right by the uni this year - which i thought would make me very unfit. turns out i'm right next to the gym as well.
so basically i'm the most fit i've been in a long time.

i've been writing some more philosophical passages which i'll post on here when i have get inspired to do so.

so's 2:34am ... and at this moment in time i have a strong urge to create my top 6 songs of my life:

In no particular order of importance:

1. Bob Dylan- Lay lady lay.
2. Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit.
3. Nirvana- come as you are.
4. katie melua- 9 million bicycles.
5. Ladytron - Seventeen.

Ladytron is probably my favourite, and for anyone who is paying any attention - miss kitten's stuff is pretty hot too.
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