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Back from Jordan

i've just come back from jordan. It was great to see grandma zarifa,
uncle abed, subhay, khuder, gazi, aunty asma, fatima, hajar, sara, amd all their children.

The fresh fruit - figs, dates. The weather. I don't think I'll ever forget how beautiful the dead sea was.

Having a mud bath in the saltiest sea water in the world - at sunset was just amazing.
I designed a piece of silver jewellery in memory of my mother, which my uncle crafted from silver sheets,
and I just know that this piece of jewellery will be irreplaceable.

i met all my cousins in jordan - one in particular called mona is very cute, and an amazing person.
In jordan everyone has a routine - and they have very firm traditions. It was refreshing.

I took 6 hours of video tape out there which I'm in the process of editing. I'll be sending
a copy to different members of my family. I'm using arabic music as backing music - and
I'm completly hooked - Tamer Husney, Twafik... ya salam are all amazing.

Well tomorrow I'm down to London. I managed to get a extras job already! It's for a movie called Da Vinci Code,
based on the book by Dan Brown which I've been meaning to read. I'm supposed to wear "casual" clothes - no whites, and it's a
4:30am start, so we need to leave at around 2am "bites finger".
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