mykasmei (mykasmei) wrote,

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Yesterday was in London. I couldn't help think about the bombing every time we
passed a Red Bus, and we avoided the Underground like the plague. When you
say that you're going to walk everywhere.... the inevitable of gashing you toe happens,
which meant that walking was very difficult. The WW2 parade was on that day. Oblivious to us. William couldn't make it,
so my sister wasn't too hurt that we missed the carriages that pass the crowd.

We were invited to a preview of Charlie and the chocolate factory. It opens in a few weeks in this country. We got some Charlie and the chocolate factory memorabilia. The movie is far from the trailer - which looks very ADD. The movie is amazing, random and funny. Grandpa Joe is my favourite, he's hilarious and his poise is so unique.

We basked in the sun, ate pizza, and had a few drinks... it's what Sundays are all about.

Well, tomorrow I'm off to promote this band called "Jackson United", and the day
after I’m in London again.
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