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too small to make a difference, u haven't been in bed with a mosquito

I went to an Oasis gig yesturday. We were right at the front at manchester stadium. They played old skool wonderwall and their new stuff. Super furry animals played a good set. The lead singer did an artistic stunt by wearing a power rangers helmet for half of the set...which i thought
was weird because the guy is beautiful to look at. Oasis even played teh music video I turned down to be in, which I was gutted about.
The lighting and sound were top quality. It felt like a small gig because I was right at
the front- even thuogh I was one of 70 thousand. Met some cool people, loadsa manchester
people, saw some people from leeds, and a lost scottish guy.
It ended with class with a take away in the backseat of a car on the way home - free pizza ;)

Today I'm promoting voluntry work further, and planning my sister's suprise 14th birthday party.
So I'm hoping she doesn't read this. We're going to have a "Movie Star" theme. We're inviting well
over 200 people, so i'm hoping it goes well.

I Need to write this passage I found... it's very beautiful.

Buddha on Handling Criticism

A man met him on the street one day and began to call him
mean and ugly names.

Buddha listened quietly and thoughtfully until the man ran
out of epithets, and had to pause for breath.

"If you offer something to a man and he refuses it, to whom
does it belong?" asked Buddha.

The spiteful man replied, "It belongs, I suppose, to the one
who offered it."

Then Buddha said, "The abuse and vile names you offer me,
I refuse to accept."

The man turned and walked away."
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