mykasmei (mykasmei) wrote,

Life is a dice

So I’m spreading the word of volunteering today. So many places in Derby I have never seen. It gives me a good time to look at my city in more detail with a purpose. I’m also writing to inmates….. I’m writing to someone very interesting, who we all know. I’ll update later about that. Tomorrow I’ll be in Derby again. I’m also getting closer to put a website together for our gym we have in Manchester, by someone who I might be able to get a hugeee discount from. This will be a huge favour for my uncle.

I miss people in Leeds, and I half promised to meet someone in Paris in a week (I’m sure I’ll decide in a couple of days)….but I need time to take a mature role… I’m basically being a mother to my 2 younger sister’s and brother amongst all of this…cooking, washing, cleaning, attending school plays, helping with homework etc…. but I’m totally in control of it. I swear if I get a good enough paid job, I will hire a cleaner straight away.

Cleanlines is Godliness….I feel my most creative in an empty room.
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