mykasmei (mykasmei) wrote,

If music be the food of Love... play on

...the music here is pretty much a summary of my life at the moment.

Felix da housecat - money success fame glamour.
Ladytron- seventeen
Gregory Isaacs - The phrophet rides again.
Bob Marley - Natural Mystic
Dead or Alive - you spin me right round.

I'm really just floating along atm. The part we filmed for charlie and teh chocolatefactory is actually in the trailer at the cinema- which is surreal, as the actual shot was taken very quickly.
Alot of talent has gone into all of it. Dedication. You know, timeless creativity is created from passion. So anything " cheese" , is like a disabled man's love - easily spotted, and best ignored - unless in a special place built to occupy that feeling.
I feel like I know exactly where I am going, what I want to do. The only thing missing from my life is unconditional contentment withsomeone that we can create together everything. Other than that, I'm loving material things right now...clothes, good food, quality furniture, holidays, my expensive sunglasses, spend spend's so fun for the moment. Climax to the max. Well tomorrow I am going around the community promoting voluntry work - I hope people take in the message, it's worth while.
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